We have to start building this some where and since we share the TV on DVD TV series with Merritt it's a good place to start.


Look though the list and pick some titles. E-mail us at [email protected] with the subject “rent movies”. We'll pull (or request from Merritt) all the ones availalbe and get a total ready for you. Then e-mail you back with your order information.

Store Safety

All movies will be sanitized with a bleach solution (boxes), and rubbing alcohol (discs), before leaving the store. If you wish, call ahead and we can arrange curbside pick-up at the store. We can only allow 1 person (2 if you are same household) in the store at a time. ALWAYS observe the 2m safe distancing.



Check out the following PDFs to pick your titles from:

pick your titles from:

Stephen King List

TV Series and Shows List