Merritt Movie Experts


Merritt Movie Experts store has 2 levels, the main level with New Releases, fudge, popcorn and ice-cream. And the lower level with more movies to rent and a wall full of previously viewed movies to buy.

Merritt Movie Experts
1976 Voght St.
Merritt, B.C.

Mon - Thu: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Fri - Sat: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm
Sunday Closed


Welcome Logan Lake Video and Books sister store Merritt Movie Experts. Like most sisters we are not the same but be do work together to get things done. This gives us two locations to serve you better. Merritt is only a 45 minute drive away but a much larger community. So the Merritt store is much larger too, many more movies (about 9,000) to rent and/or buy.  Merritt Movie Experts has a bigger movie selection on the shelf and they do even more special orders then we do.

Inside Merritt Movie Experts you'll find The Sweet Spot. All the fudge, savory and candied popcorn are made in one of the 2 stores. Plus there is hard ice cream, pop and and other treats to satisfy you snack cravings.

You can follow what is going on with Merritt Movie Experts by liking them on face book. If you find something on-line here you want to buy, arrangements can be made to pick up / pay for it at the Merritt store.


The What's New Flyer tells you about new releases for each month:

January What's New Flyer       February What's New Flyer

March What's New Flyer       April What's New Flyer

May What's New Flyer

About our New Release Sections

The section header is a quick description of the type of movie. This should make it easier to find a movie when you only know what your in the mood for or to find something similar to what you've enjoyed before.

Family and adventure movies, kid safe but not just for kids. Adventure movies are aimed at older children. 

Life stories, romantic comedies, lighter dramas and "chick flicks" too. 

Comedies. Any comedy that doesn't fit in another section.

Action, some sci-fi and war movies what some call "guy movies"

Dramas, character driven stores, biographies. A lot of award winners.

Thrillers, lighter horrors and some sci-fi 

Horror, slasher and the comedy / horrors with more blood to them.


During Covid19 Merritt Movie Experts is offering free movies to anyone who’s self-quarantined or house-bound because of lay-offs or what-ever.

Currated Free Rentals Lists