About our New Release Sections

The section header is a quick description of the type of movie. This should make it easier to find a movie when you only know what your in the mood for or to find something similar to what you've enjoyed before.

 Family and adventure movies, kid safe but not just for kids. Adventure movies are aimed at older children. 

 Life stories, dramatic comedies, romantic comedies, lighter dramas and "chick flicks" too. 

 Comedies. Any comedy that doesn't fit in another section.

 Action, some sci-fi and war movies what some call "guy movies"

 Cop thrillers, crime dramas, heist films and some spy movies

 Dramas, character driven stores, biographies. A lot of award winners.

 Thrillers, lighter horrors and some sci-fi 

 Horror, slasher and the comedy / horrors with more blood to them.